Terms of Service

  1. All orders or deposits or full payment of goods shall imply that the purchaser has read and fully agreed to the Terms and Conditions of Sales Agreement specified herein. 
  2. Prices do not include applicable taxes, crating, shipping, brokerage fees, duty, storage, installation, local delivery, insurance that must be paid by the purchaser before pick-up or delivery
  3. All orders must be paid in full before the merchandise is shipped or picked up by the purchaser or a representative of the purchaser. Merchandise is shipped at the purchaser's risk.
  4. Trianon Design Ltd cannot be held responsible in the event of loss or damage to merchandise of any kind. 
  5. Sufficient, accurate information on, and images of, merchandise being considered for purchase will be provided to the customer before final decision of purchase.  
  6. Payment of the merchandise by the customer will imply that the customer recognizes that all the necessary information and images about the merchandise has been given and received to allow a well-informed buying decision. 
  7. All sales are final.